Now scientists are saying that more than 47% of the illnesses that happen today come from stress. Of course many of us have known this for several centuries, but they have finally discovered it. I think one of the reason that so many black people die early of heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and other related disease is because of the stress of racism. It is very powerful

I have learned to do various types of exercises and meditations to deal with teh stress, but it is still difficult to deal with. At my website I have put up a free Stress Reduction Class especially geared to Black folks, even though it is affective for everyone. Give it a try if you have the time, and if you don´t, it is especially important to give it a try.

We all have a responsibility to our communities, families and the world to live quality lives. Learning self care is sometimes more important than learning how to care for others. If we do both, care for ourselves and others, we won´t end up leaving our loved ones behind. We will live full, exciting lives, and die well, having been fulfilled and having lived life to the fullest. My website is