About Ligali

Ligali is a non profit voluntary organisation. Through investigation and monitoring, we aim to challenge, identify and recommend workable solutions to current social issues that refuse to recognise the equal and inalienable rights of African people in the UK. Our main objectives are to turn talk into action and apathy into productivity.

Ligali began its growth in early 2000 with the aim of challenging the negative representations of the African British community across all forms of media. Our original motivation was based on the fact that members of our community, spanning ages, occupations, gender and specific cultural backgrounds, regularly expressed profound and frustrated opinions about the detrimental and offensive way in which African people were represented in the media.

After a year in existence, Ligali became a magnet for more general community concerns. We soon realised the causes of some of the problems faced by the African community in Britain were often multi-faceted and the subsequent solutions also needed to be holistic if real and effective change for the better was to be achieved. As such, our work has extended beyond the representation in the media to other areas including education and crime reduction.

We work to a set ethos and try to embody these African principles in our outlook and interactions. We also have a constitution that embodies the ultimate aims of our organisation.