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      Founded by Segeni Ng'ethe for Kenyans around the world to have a way to purchase goods for loved ones in Kenya.

      Source: Ebony magazine

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      One of the links I clicked had more info about the Hebrew Israelites (is there any other kind of Israelite?) who, according to the link (Southern Poverty Law Center) they are gaining thousands of members. LOL

      Of course, the SPLC is another one of those groups which makes a living off of fighting racism. It doesnt necessarily seek to make a social or even political impact. Morris Dees and his crew sue people. that's how they get over.

      I admit, SPLC's success in suing KKK and Neo-Nazis has put a damper on those creeps, but blatant racists are marginalized in US society anyway. They are fringe groups. The ruling class has no use for them at this time, except to have somebody who appears uglier than the neo-cons and the neo-liberalists.

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