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    Thread: New Website

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      New Website

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      ...I started called

      I haven't seen many (any) pan-african blogs to date, so i decided to start one. Blogs are dynamic, and updated with new, pertinent ideas all the time. I started The Black National because all of the pan-african websites I've seen thus-far are very static, and it's kind of disheartening when all the Kemetic knowledge on the web seems like its just been sitting there for years getting dusty. So please give it a look every now and then, I try to keep things pertinent, and I plan on making it a portal for more building as time goes on. I'm also looking for content contributors, so if any of you brothers and sisters have some interesting science you wanna drop (and I know you do here on Assata Speaks!), please contact me, the more people who build and contribute the better.


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      Good to have a pan-African blog finally

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      But could the word "gangsta" be dropped? This is too often associated with blatant ultra-capitalism i.e. "bling", etc.

      Nothing is "revolutionary" if it is also capitalist.

      Uhuru News : Home

      As I see from your website, no-one(thankfully) is calling themselves "gangsta" and better still, are posts pointing out black self-destruction which "gangsta" does, in fact bring about as black murders black for money, "turf" or whatever, doing the white man's "dirty work" for him. Time for black gangsta self-destruction to be replaced with UNITY.

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      I will check this out. Uhuru for now.

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