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Black Awakening was founded with the vision of pursuing a long-term commitment to the awakening of the global African community. Our primary objective is to amass and congregate concerned and intellectual individuals into a virtual community where we will expound upon various issues that pertain to the ongoing black struggle. Issues discussed will range from black history and its denial by the Western power structure, to socioeconomic disenfranchisement which leaves blacks powerless and impoverished, to the devastating effect that media influence has upon the collective black psyche in all parts of the world.

On Black Awakening, we seek to provide a stable and well-moderated community where all participants are encouraged to put forth benevolent ideas and strategies, draw attention to unforeseen or unnoticed issues, and generally facilitate the improvement and empowerment of the global black community. Black Awakening seeks to arouse a Black Renaissance---a revival of the black race to its former glory and ultimately a new incarnation of the civilizations and sophisticated black societies that our race in Ghana, Mali, Axum,Punt, Nubia, Benin, and Egypt cultivated so carefully. We will seek to serve as a catalyst for a larger movement. our ultimate objective is to evolve into an organization that can influence legislation formation, public policy, and other practical and direct means of effecting change in our community.

At Black Awakening, we are cognizant of the severe and ongoing plight of Africans in the motherland and across the Diaspora. We understand that to arouse the changes necessary for such a grand revival that we must bring about ethnic solidarity. This will be achieved through collective networking of black business endeavors, through improvement of education in largely black demographics (and in the black community in general), commitment to strengthening the black family unit, rejection of poisonous images portrayed in the media, and through learning and understanding the ongoing power relationship between the black race and other races..
We seek to organize and network with all individuals and organizations that advocate black empowerment and seek to mitigate the black struggle and suffering that is ubiquitous all over the world.