At we ust keep raising the bar higher and higher, setting the standard for live interactive interviews aimed at the African-centered and progressive audience that we have built. Check out this week's schedule as an example of just how serious we aim to bring critical voices before our worldwide listening audience:

Monday Sept 6th- 6-8 AM (PDT), 9-11 AM (EDT) We return to our study sessions with a new look at an old book, Carter Woodson's The Mis-Education of the Negro.

Monday Sept 6th - 7-9 PM (PDT), 10 PM-Midnight (EDT) Kemet Nu Dimensions - Just completing our vacation.

Tuesday Sept 7th - 6-8 AM (PDT), 9-11 AM (EDT) Jacinto Rhines is the proprietor of the culturally centered Natural Soul Food Non-Profit Cafe, a modeo of what we can do to build progressive business enterprise.

Tuesday Sept 7th - 7-9 PM (PDT), 10 PM-Midnight (EDT) Stay tuned as we confirm our dynamic evening presentation.

Wednesday September 8th - 6-8 AM (PDT), 9-11 AM (EDT) Featuring our bold youth leader from Reality Speaks, Brother Jabari discusses a new style of community based organization and making the revolution practical.

Wednesday September 8th - 7-9 PM (PDT), 10-11 PM (EDT) Tech Talk with the Conscious Rasta focuses on using computers and information technology more effectively toward our individual and group empowerment.

Thursday September 9th - 6-8 AM (PDT), 9-11 AM (EDT) Nashid Fakhrid-Deen is an author of a critical new book Reaching Black Males. What a critical time to elevate this dialogue toward the end of terminating the chaos whithin our urban youth community.

Thursday September 9th - 7-9 PM (PDT), 10 PM-Midnight (EDT) Experience the Rebirth of Black Wall Street with host Erbie Phillips - This week he'll be black again live in the studio.

Friday September 10th - 6-8 AM (PDT), 9-11 AM (EDT) As the new school year commences it is time again to focus on education with one of our favorite authors Dr. Stephen Jones, author of The Seven Secrets of How to Study.

Friday September 10th - 7-10 PM (PDT), 9 PM (EDT) Friday Night Fights features the best of the week's broadcasts in a hard-hitting forum. You don't want to miss this best-of selection.

Saturday September 11th - For those of you who missed any part of the week, all day long we replay the week's new programs in our weekly Monster Broadcast Marathon.

Sunday September 12th - 9AM (PDT), Noon (EDT) Every Sunday we feature a 12 Hour stream of our best archives, lectures, biographies, documentaries and world music, The 7MAC University. This gets better and better every week.

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