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      African By Nature

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      The Original Source of Enlightenment

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      Man, yall got an interesting selections of books on yall website! I was expecting the Dr. Ben/Chancellor Williams/John Henry Clark selection that most African owned/oriented bookstores are good for (not that there's anything wrong with that).

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      Welcome cushite!

      A colorful and interesting looking site, y'all have. A coupla questions:

      Do u provide any bio on operators of your site?

      On home pg showin featured books, one is by Sigmund Freud on Moses and Monotheism. How did this book qualify as a reputable source for correct perspective in this area? Is this an example of the multicultural perspective sought?

      On the basis of what is it asserted that our original folk were Brown and not Black as modern and or Europeans write, according to the info at your site? Per that then what does it say re the names: Sudan, Libya, Hind, Saud(ia) Arabia for example, all meaning Land of the Blacks. Not as an argumental point, but have u ever seen bruthas from Tuba (sp?) from Mali & Senegal? Im looking right now at a few photos of sistas and bruthas of some Dinka people of East Afrika. Brown? Not hardly. Another page shows some Rendille women of the northern desert of Kenya, if they're Brown, there's no other word for'em except Black!!! No chocolate I've ever seen is this dark. Mind u there are some very dark Brown folk and some Black as midnight others; many others that we seldom see in this country.

      The links to "more about" in the books listings didn't work for me. That may be due to absence of Java. Don't know.

      The music is baaaaaaaaad! Very smooth and rythymic; sho' would be nice to hear it throughout a browsing at your site.

      Finally remember per Cheikh Anta Diop who reported that some Eu-rope-an scientist, trying to crack open melanin, termed it the indestructible stuff. That's Blackness for u. The brown, red and yellow came from the Black indestrutible stuff! No shame in our game... nor baseless pride

      Free Dome Zone

      PayPal ready.

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