Polygamy Book


This book is about the Afrikan reader who, internalizes the principles contained herein, and after reading this book, becomes the hero/shero, because they take up the banner of responsibility and accountability in perserving the Black Family using Polygyny as a weapon/tool of our collective survival.

This book helps Afrikan draw a correct conclusion for mental, physical and emotional change needed to resolve our internal conflict and psychosis. It helps us to analyze our conditionings and achieve the effective use of Polygyny to achieve our goal of independent thinking and action. The book asks hard questions that We must face. The answers are even more difficult to face as the truth is a hard pill to swallow in almost every instance.

Instead of expressing the problem of promiscuity and blaming polygyny for such indoctrinations (brain washings), this book offers an understanding of how We remain in the land of the living, instead of perishing as walking zombies suffering under the yoke of imperialism ("racism"). It sites what works and doesn't work and how they should be applied to reap the benefits, of what is colloquially referred to as, "folks are already doing it!" Truth is, folks are NOT already doing it. We are doing promiscuity. But, We could be doing Polygynous Family structure, once We know how. This book answers the question: How?!

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