November 2005 AYA is Hot Even in November!
Warriors and Healers in NY on Nov. 11th-13th, 2005

Warriors and Healers in NYC!

Wekesa O. Madzimoyo Healing Oppression's Wounds in Harlem

Afrikan brothers and Sisters: don’t miss this dynamic 3-Day workshop/retreat from the Warriors and Healers series. It's a must for personal and leadership development that accounts for oppression and moves us through it.
3-days is a lot of time in your busy world. I understand. On the other hand, our ancestors compel us to ask ourselves: If not now, when? If not us, Who? They remind us that we are the ones we've been waiting for.

If we are to be great warriors, if we are to win, we must become skilled healers and builders for ourselves and our people.

There are still a few slots left. Register today! Attendees will be immersed in Healing Oppression’s Wounds - "Feelings as Messengers," "Flow of Recognition," " WSLKA," "Seven Steps to Recovery" and...

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Abibi Tumi Kasa

Afrikan Power Language Rappin' and Singin' in Twi

Every course that AYA teaches has liberation and restoration of Afrikan people at it's center. This is never more evident than in AYA's Twi class called: Abibitumi Kasa (Afrikan Power Language).

To hasten and deepen our re-Afrikanization process, we are re-Afrikanizing our tongues. We're even rappin' and singing in Twi! While visitors are welcome any time, enrollment in the 12-week course closes this week. Don't miss your opportunity to take part in this dynamic online fully interactive course with students from Washington State, New York State, Florida and more.

This is not web-based instruction. This is live instructor-led instruction over Mu Kanda! You've not really heard "speaking in tongue" until you've heard us speaking in our native tongues! Join our

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Mu Kanda @ Half Price!

Afiya Madzimoyo International Home School Courses Discounted -- Slashed from $349 to $149/mo.

Some courses still are open for only $79.00 per month! These are not web-based courses. These are instructor-led courses over Mu Kanda. Students see, hear and interact with each other and the instructor for each class period.

4 Full-time Curriculum Core Courses plus one elective reduced for the rest of the semester and for early spring semester registrants. Register Now.

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