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      Lightbulb Support OUR Black businesses!!

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      Greetings family,

      The holidays are quickly approaching and all the industry reports are
      pointing to an up year in online sales and purchases. Last year =
      the Monday after Thanksgiving, as officially the Internet's best online
      shopping day of the year...Cyber Monday! Web shoppers are expected to =
      holiday spending online to $18 billion this year, a
      25 percent increase from 2004, according to Forrester Research.

      Unfortunately, Black websites have not experienced similar e-commerce
      activity. It seems the only way an ethnic site can exist (or should I
      profit), is if its owned by corporate America (think white man).
      You would think with all the emphasis this year on the growth of Blacks
      minorities online, that things would be different. So this year, =
      instead of
      your traditional "Best Of" holiday shopping list, I'm encouraging all
      you, to purchase at least one item from my "Best Black Shopping Sites"

      We as an online community must support our own. I've said this a =
      times, if I've said it once; If you claim to support Black Business; If
      want to see more Black products and services; If you want to see your =
      reach social and economic parity on the Net .... Then Purchase
      from, Subscribe to, Volunteer or Visit a Black online website. WE NEED
      SUPPORT NOW!!! Between Christmas, Kwanza, and the customary office =
      you will be spending money anyway...why not spend it at websites that =
      enriching your life, all year long.

      We (meaning Black America) are the creators of pop culture. We start =
      trends and America follows. For example, look at the music, fashion, or
      automotive industry (even corporate executives are bouncing on Doves =
      rims) that don't stop spinning). With the advent of the Internet and
      acceptance of it, as a valid distribution channel for digital products,
      no longer have any excuses. I used to say, that the powers-that-be =
      let me put my screen saver products on the shelves of the mass =
      (Sears, Circuit City, etc.) but that excuse is no longer valid. =20

      There are 18.4 million Blacks online (according to and
      if =
      only agreed to purchase one Black product online during this holiday =
      we could change the face of the Black community. Think about it! ...
      million people spending an average of $20 in a targeted time period. =
      would this say to corporate advertisers?=20
      How many new jobs would be created in our communities? Think about the
      products and services this type of community self-empowerment would
      generate, not only online but in neighborhoods all across this country.

      Corporate America has always taken the Black dollar for granted. For
      example; There are more Blacks online than there are Hispanics, and =
      spend more money online then Hispanics. But according to a survey =
      by the American Advertising Federation, advertising executives said
      marketing to Hispanics is a more important goal, than marketing to =
      Americans. If that wasn't bad enough, studies also indicate that we as
      people, are our own worst enemy! Blacks would rather buy at a
      mainstream =
      site then shop at Black web sites.
      Twice as many Blacks say they primarily use mainstream web sites than
      ethnic sites, according to research on ethnic media by Bendixen &
      Associates...The White Mans Ice Is Always Colder! Why can't we use this
      electronic distribution vehicle called the Internet, to generate new =
      of revenue, new markets, and new opportunities for Black America???=20

      below are some examples of the jewels of knowledge, opportunities, =
      and products that can be found in this treasure-trove of information, =
      the Black online Diaspora. I strongly recommend you support the
      organizations and people below. All of them have given more to our =
      community in time, and energy, then money can ever repay. Delores =
      of AfriCreations is famous for positive news and service to the Black =
      community. Lee Green founder of the NBBTA, is an inspiration to =
      Drummers" all over the world. He truly embodies the saying; Share The
      Knowledge, Share The Dollars.
      Roger Madison, creator of iZania, is a living example of the spirit of
      Ubuntu... I am because you are! I can not say enough about Yvette Moyo
      MOBE. She has generated millions of dollars for Black business.
      Her promotion is quickly becoming a new national Black
      family holiday.

      Please forward this messages to your network of online friends and =
      them to participate in this unique Black online shopping campaign to =
      Black dollars, and empower our Black online community. Thank you for =
      support in building our local online community. We Must Share The =
      To Share The Dollars.

      Peace & Gods Blessings,

      Jim Neusom

      ***************(Advertisement)******************** *

      Need some great ideas for corporate or personal gift-giving?

      Then go to City Lights Software

      and see some of the most unique afrocentric gifts available online!

      We Deliver ONLINE - Direct To Your Desktop for just

      Please take the time to purchase one our afrocentric screen savers =

      Don't Just Talk the Talk...Let Your Dollars Walk the Walk

      If you have any problems with purchasing online contact me direct at or call (323) 294-1755
      ************************************************** ****

      MadVoice -
      MadVoice is the Internet's only Black owned e-Commerce shopping mall.
      It's been said, that MadVoice is to e-Commerce, what Google is to
      engines. You can find all major brands and special values from great
      merchants you know and trust.

      MAD is an acronym for Making A Difference! Making A Difference doing =
      you might ask? Creating WEALTH for individuals, churches, groups, =
      institutions, schools, non-profits and businesses. Through their unique
      approach to collabrative empowerment, MadVocie provide funds to allow =
      you to
      do, what it is you that you too can Make A Difference in our

      "National Black Business Trade Association" (NBBTA) =
      The NBBTA is the virtual network for Black Entrepreneurs and business
      owners. You'll find timely and informative postings by, for, and about
      business people and professionals.=20

      They are committed to being the preeminent online destination for
      information regarding Black entrepreneurship, investing, wealth =
      personal finance, business, and career information. NBBTA's ongoing
      promotional campaign stresses the idea that "every month is Black =
      awareness month". =20

      =13iZania=14 -
      iZania's mission is to create a =13Virtual Black Community=14 that =
      networking tools for entrepreneurs and professionals, and links to
      e-commerce enabled Black businesses. The result is greater choice and =
      for consumers who desire to choose Black alternatives for their =
      expenditures. =20

      Martin Luther King Jr. said that if a man won=12t stand up for =
      something, he
      will fall for anything. iZania promotes the philosophy that we as a =
      need to stand up for the Back values, Black culture, and Black =
      -- independence from the whims of our oppressors and other economic =
      We can take control of our destiny simply by choosing to do business =
      each other whenever possible.

      AfriCreations - Is an informative, =
      web site dedicated to African Art, Culture & Language. There you will =
      Handmade Items & Hats, Educational Pages for Kids & Youths, Online =
      Business Opportunities, Black History and News Links, Kwanzaa, Poetry,
      Positive Black Music, Videos, Books and Much More. AfriCreations
      Best Viewed With Your Speakers on.=20 - is named for the Biblical individual Cush, who was the =
      of many African nations around the world. This is the oldest
      shopping portal on the Net. It was established in Dec. 10,
      1998 as a major e-commerce location where African-Americans and others
      interested in Afrocentric stage plays, books, videos and other items =
      go to purchase many of the products that they seek. =20

      The founders Willie and Gwen Richardson, have been featured in Ebony, =
      Enterprise and Essence magazines, as well as The New York Times, CNN
      and =
      television networks. is now the most highly-trafficked
      African-American e-commerce site in cyberspace, receiving more than 2
      million impressions per month. Cushcity has more than 30,000 customers
      the U.S. and worldwide. - Low priced Black Art
      Screen Savers, Games and Black Clip Art. This link carries you to their
      online store featuring the Black Business Clip Art CD, the Black Church
      Clips CD, and the newest addition-- the Black Clips "Library" CD with =
      and White images. Not to mention, news and current events taking place
      the east coast Black community.

      *************** (Advertisement) *****************

      So You Want To Be A Millionaire

      We are developing a new mobile entertainment concept "live" and in =
      color online! Think of it as a mix between a Reality TV show and a =
      course on "21st Century" business development.

      If you've ever wanted to learn how to Start, Fund, and Market a
      Company ... then this is the opportunity for you.

      Join Us, by simply following this link to eMobile

      ************************************************** ****

      This Online Journal was brought to you by InterServe Networks. Feel
      Free =
      Forward To Your Network Of Online Friends

      We Practice Responsible E-Commerce Marketing and Privacy Policies. We
      do =
      indulge in or encourage Spamming. We never send unsolicited emails. You
      receiving this message as part of our opt-in subscriber mailing list or
      are a member of an affiliated newsgroup.

      For comments or suggestions please contact us at the following;

      Jim Neusom
      Executive Director/Publisher
      InterServe Networks/City Lights Software, Inc.
      (702) 348-2041 Las Vegas
      (323) 294-1755 Los Angeles

      Get a jump start on your holiday shopping
      at Merletta J Martin Gallery - Art In Harmony

      The author/submitter alone is responsible for
      opinions expressed on TheBlackList.
      Privacy Statement:
      Asase Ye Duru=Mama Earth has weight!!

      "SISTARS!, Black people will NEVER BE FREE unless Black Womb-men
      participate in EVERY ASPECT of our struggle, on EVERY LEVEL of our struggle."

      Honourable OhemaaAssata Shakur

      ''Black Womb-man and Child....for you i have sooooo much love!!"
      Sizzla Kalonji

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      I have been searching for this type of information for weeks!!!!

      Much Peace!!

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      I will be passing this along to friends and family.
      You are here because you know something,what you
      know you can't explain,but you feel it.You've felt it
      your entire life; that theres something wrong with the
      world.You don't know what it is but it's there; a
      splinter in your mind... the matrix

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      0 Not allowed! Not allowed!
      Just wanted to add to the list:

      This is an excellent list.

      Pyrrhic Victory (New songs are up!):

      Some people take themselves WAY TOO SERIOUSLY, when in actuality, no one else is really taking them as seriously as they think.

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