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To think about all of the white products we use from sun up to sun down. Wake up in a white-man company bed manufacture's bed, with his sheets and pillow cases to match. The pillows are his too. First step made, is contact with the floor, which is probably his too. Go to the bathroom, his products everywhere. Use his water. Eat his food. Watch his tv and his tv programs, with his remote. On his couch, or chair. Turn on his lights. Get on his computer... read some of our problems....wonder why we have so many problems with our ppl in this country and many others. Grab his keys, drive his car, get his gas, play his radio, and go to his job..... or Our own jobs, which use ample amounts of his products to keep it operating. We might even have on his business attire. Go back home, get in his bed, and do it again the next day.
We have to own stuff.... we obviously have the money.... we buy all his products from his company...all of his goods and services. Becoming apart of his economy, to only bring the burden upon ourselves, rather we are aware of it or not.
It is truely a bad case. Remember Black Wallstreet..... we can do it. We have the power, we need the people and we need the constant will.

Sistar Lioness this is the most motivating information for Black people today.

We should really take heed to this concept and the perspective that MsLioness has laid out because this is the reality of it. All of the above is absolutely true except the computer. A Black man, Mark Dean, patented the prototype for the modern day personal computer.

We can make Blackwallstreet a modern day reality if we all just get our people's heads out of yt's ass and come together like we used to do.