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      Thumbs up Assata T-Shirts! Update Feb. 2006

      0 Not allowed! Not allowed!
      We have added new items and new styles!
      We are in the process of calculating our most popular styles and after we do that we will rotate several of the less popular tees out of commission and replace them as well. In the meantime, enjoy these new looks!

      » Go to Assata Speaks Online Store Right Now

      Click on the links to see pricing and to view a larger pic of each item.

      » Property of Assata Long-sleeved Tee

      » Property of Assata Kids' Jr. Hoodie

      » Property of Assata Women's Jr. Hoodie

      » Property of Assata T-Shirt

      » Whatchu' Know About Struggle? (Limited Run, FEB-APR)

      » People's Army Messenger Bag

      » People's Army Mug

      » People's Army Wall Clock

      For more information about the Assata Speaks! Online Store Read Below:

      Assata Speaks! Online Store

      The Assata Speaks! Online Store
      ( is now open. 100% of the proceeds raised from the store support two major projects: (1) Support Assata Shakur’s bid to STAY FREE and (2) Create a worldwide network of grassroots activists. These two projects are carried out through the Assata Speaks! website (

      Project One
      Assata Speaks! educates and fires up individuals specifically around the political and legal struggles of Assata, and Afrikan liberation and resistance in general. Assata Speaks advocates for the freedom of Assata Shakur 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The web site organizers work to educate individuals about the power structure that unjustly convicted Assata of crimes which she did not commit and that continues to threaten her life because of her political views, and proves how that structure and its imperialistic and racist views can impact anyone that takes a stand against America or its allies in the face of injustice or inequities. Assata Speaks! sponsors and supports select Events & Action Alerts in communities where it has strong member representation.

      Your purchase helps: Implement more grassroots actions that support Assata’s bid to remain to free and better understanding of the activities of the U.S. government and its allies and how they threaten the basic freedoms of the world and violate universal concepts of morality.

      Project Two
      Assata Speaks! is the internet’s largest storehouse of articles, interviews, news, photographs and personal writings about and by Assata Shakur. It also connects, educates and mobilizes the collective power of over 300,000 visitors each year from around the world to execute Action Alerts around issues such as politically motivated imprisonment, prisoner mistreatment, anti-globalization efforts, police brutality, racially motivated homicide, institutional racism, institutional sexism, quality of life issues for the poor, political organization. Assata Speaks also supports cultural restoration among the Afrikan Diaspora. Assata Speaks! sponsors and supports select Events & Action Alerts in communities where it has strong member representation.

      Your purchase helps
      Create networks of tens of thousands of politically educated people that work together collectively to address injustices and COMPEL change around the world. It also provides cultural, social and spiritual education that supports the restoration of Afrikan identity and lifestyle among black people worldwide.

      When you support Assata Speaks! You support justice, community and empowerment.

      » Assata Speaks:
      » Assata Speaks Action Alert Campaign
      » Assata Speaks Forums:
      » Assata Speaks Online Store:

      Buttons! (Sold as singles & in 10 pack)

      Magnets! (Sold as singles & in 10 pack)

      Products Currently Available:
      T-Shirts (13 adult) (2 toddler)
      Hoodie/Sweatshirt (1 adult)
      Toddler bibs (1)
      Bumper Stickers (1, Sold as singles and in packs of 10)
      Buttons (1, Sold as singles and in packs of 10)
      Magnets (1, Sold as singles and in packs of 10)

      » Assata Speaks Online Store:

      New Styles
      We add new styles from time to time, mostly based on demand and requests. At that time we rotate older or less popular styles out of circulation. If you order a style and go back to the site and see that is replaced, you will still receive what you ordered, not its replacement. (No, I don't believe there is a way to switch out your order. Besides, these are collector's items. Get 'em all!) Some styles are limited editions. Once we stop carrying them, they are gone for good.

      The service we use does offer BULK ORDER DISCOUNTS, see the site for more details.

      Printing Options
      We now offer direct printing and heat transfer on about 90% of all products.

      Show Your Support For Assata. Help Us offset costs of running this web site, forum, chat room and radio station. Educate people with politically relevant fashion.

      » Assata Speaks Online Store:
      All is Well. Workin' Hard - Tryin' to Save Time for Fam. Check in Periodically.

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      I just purchased a Sweatshirt and a few buttons to Promote. Everyone on here should have these buttons.

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