Peace and Love Everyone

The Next scheduled Chat Session
for the AssataFamilyNight is
Saturday Feb. 18th, 2006:
at 9:00 PM - 12:00 Midnight
Eastern Standard Time

Topic: Wealth

(For the month of February, the chat sessions will focus on various aspects of wealth):

What is Wealth (1st Chat Session)?

How does one acquire Wealth (2nd Chat Session)?

How does one maintain Wealth (3rd Chat Session)?

What does it mean to “buy black”, and how can we get our people to do so (4th Chat Session)?

This Saturday's Chat Session will focus on the different ways of maintaining wealth.

Lead Moderators: Raha, WombanAuset

Standby Moderators: SoularFlarez

NOTE: When a member wants to participate in the discussion, they would indicate to the moderators by typing the Exclamation Mark "!" and waiting on a chat moderator to let them know when it is their turn to speak.

After finishing their thoughts, they would type the at sign "@" to
indicate they are finished speaking.

The Maximum time for speaking is THREE MINUTES. If you want to speak again, use the “!” symbol again and wait.

Any disregard to these rules will result in a warning. Further disregard will result in a temporary ban from the chat room.

Hope to see you there! Peace.