The Brothers' Perspective is an online community network designed to encourage a more cohesive unity within the collective black community. This website features a bi-monthly e-zine that displays opinions/views/ideas floating within the collective black community, an introspective book list, community events calendar, three MSN Groups that serve as our main discussion and support groups, and much more.

Services available on this website include advertisement services for black-owned small/home-based/community/medium businesses, black organizations, and community events. Our advertising plans cannot be touched with a 1000-mile pole!

We also offer underground retailing services to black artists with skills that are not finding acceptance in mainstream venues. Artists seeking to sell their items through our site set their own prices. We are even able to provide visual artists with the opportunity to sell their pieces on eBay. Our setup fee is low and so are our commission fees.

Also in our website is TBP's Black Underground Art, an online store where the collective black community has the opportunity to sample and support black underground artistry of all genres, from hip hop and spoken word to visual arts and books.

Once again, our aim is to inspire a more cohesive unity within the collective black community. We have not gone dot-com as of yet because the company we are working with still has bugs in the system, and they have the best price. But we also need your help. If you know business owners, organizers, and artists who could benefit from placing themselves on our site, have them contact us or visit our website.

The Brothers' Perspective
Phone/Fax: 1-888-206-5393