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    Thread: Business Advice

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      Business Advice

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      I'm thinking of creating lock adornments and jewelry. What advice do you have to help me get started? As a sister with locks,it's tough to find adornments to enhance the beauty of them.
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      variety, originality, affordability (or high price point with clear market), predetermined list of retail outlets.
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      Quote Originally Posted by IfasehunReincarnated
      variety, originality, affordability (or high price point with clear market), predetermined list of retail outlets.
      Bro Ifa on point with this...the beauty with selling adornments is they are so small, you can get a briefcase and not be weighed down with too much stuff
      Find a good locale...I know a sister that goes into black owned businesses and sells a few of her homemade beauty baskets (at a discount to the store owners because she sells in bulk, which in turn they jack the price up a lil, for profit) and she also leaves small cards that she makes herself, so people that want to order more ( and also get the baskets at a cheaper price) can call her and do so.

      You also want to keep your overhead down, without reducing the quality of your product. I found this site the prices are reasonable (just to give you an idea on the prices you might encounter)

      Also, ADVERTISING!!! This is VERY important... if you got index cards and a creative mind, you can make cheap contact cards. By your products being handmade, that makes them one-of-a-kind...there is something in our minds that craves sells well..make sure you tap into that aspect (in our video store, we used to PILE movies on the shelf, and they wouldnt sell... For example, if we had 10 copies of 'Dead Presidents' on the wall, no one would buy them..I went through and took down the multiple copies of older movies and left one on the wall, they started selling like CRAZY! lol then I simply replaced the sold one with another and things more quicker now) nothing gets a dollar quicker than people thinking thats the LAST of something

      And last but FAR from least...DONT BE QUICK TO SPEND YOUR PROFIT!!!
      I have seen many businesses fold by people spending their profits. Look at it this way: however you are making your liveihood now, continue living off of that, and whatever $$ you make in this venture, save it.

      Good luck Sis Keep us updated

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