Remember, Freedom Friday is primarily a day to honor our fallen ancestor,
MATAH Network co-founder, Ken Bridges. Remember, Ken was assassinated Friday, 10.11.02 during the Wash., D.C. area sniper attacks.

Traditionally, Friday is the day that most Black people look forward to
(i.e., T.G.I.F, 'living for the weekend', etc.). Going forward, when conscious
people greet each other let's acknowledge Bro. Ken and all our ancestors by
saying, it's "Freedom Friday" instead of T.G.I.F.!

Next, we take action! It's a wonderful opportunity to 'give and buy
Black' buying MATAH products and to patronize Black businesses. Let's make
sure we put some money in a Black hand today, everyday!

FREEDOM FRIDAY - November 26, 2004

Every year, the so-called "BLACK FRIDAY," NOVEMBER 26th kicks off the
Holiday Buying Season.

Black folks, Black consumers, people of African descent are projected to
spend more than $1.7 BILLION ON THAT SINGLE DAY and over $50 BILLION between November 26 and December 31st. THE SAD FACT is that 95% of these BLACK DOLLARS will be spent with NON-BLACK Businesses. This money is totally leaving OUR COMMUNITY.
It's time to make a change. It's time for "FREEDOM FRIDAY." The MATAH
Network ( ) has introduced a new and exciting plan to tap into the $680 billion of Black Consumer spending TODAY and re-direct more of these dollars to our own businesses, organizations, and churches. We call it "INTERNAL REPARATIONS" - this is what we can do for ourselves. If you know there has got to be a better way - then this is for you.

WHO: MATAH Network, The Black Channel of Distribution
WHAT: National Toll Free Conference Call to address "the problem" and
present solutions.

WHEN: Friday, November 26 (so called Black Friday)

TIME: 9:00PM eastern (this is in the evening)

WHERE: Dial 1-877 805-0964 enter passcode 400530# when prompted

WHY: Black people spend 95% of their money with non-Black businesses.
The MATAH Network has introduced a new and exciting plan to help Black people obtain "TRUE FREEDOM." This includes psychological and economic freedom. Learn more by participating in this national conference call. Learn how to take control of our $680 billion in consumer spending. We call it INTERNAL REPARATIONS. This is what
we can do for ourselves. On this FREEDOM CONFERENCE CALL you'll hear
leaders from across the country share real solutions to OUR problems. You need to be on this call if you want to learn:

How to create your own job - when you can't find one
How to get involved in a MOVEMENT, that's sweeping America
How to get past fear, rejection, depression, and loss of self-esteem
How to become a winner in the new economy
How to connect with other like minded people in your area
And other EMPOWERING TACTICS that you can get involved in IMMEDIATELY

Visit Our Website
FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW! PRINT it OUT. Read it at your church, mosque or other house of worship. Share it with your children. It's MATAH TIME!
Let's create a POSITIVE MOVEMENT and FREE OURSELVES ECONOMICALLY and MENTALLY. In the words of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, "Up you mighty race, you can accomplish what you will."


MATAH Network

phone: 800-977-6282

As long as.people of African descent continue to buy product brands
produced by others

We will continue to have:
Lowest income
Highest unemployment
Highest crime rate
Worst Health
Poorest housing

When WE wake up. and buy products produced by Black people Then, we will control our own destiny, and have:

Stronger Black businesses
Jobs in our neighborhoods
Stronger Black families
'Internal' Reparations

Please, start today using quality Black made products in you home
available via MATAH Network