Come meet Bro. Silas Anderson
On next Friday, July 14th, 7 PM, you're invited to 1083 Columbia Dr, (just off Memorial Drive) in Decatur, GA. (If you're out of town, attend via Mu kanda, our online communiversity with soul.) Just go to

There you'll hear about the collaboration of several Black companies --including AYA Educational Institute-- that has me know that this is it. Maybe it'll be the right combination for you too. Even if it is not, you'll want to know about this dynamic combination because sooner or later, it will touch you.

Come hear Bro. Silas Anderson - successful entrepreneur, business builder and part-owner of Black-owned ComproTax, Inc. and ComproTax Mortgages.

Bro. Anderson started with nothing and became the fastest growing sub-broker and business builder in ComproTax, Inc.! and ComproTax Mortgages.

Come hear how he did it and how he'll help you do the same. Friday, July 14th, 7 PM!

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