Wanted: Contact with Blacks who believe that we should
begin manufacturing our own goods and providing our
own services.

The goal: To establish FREEDOM INDUSTRIALISTS--a Black
controlled organization dedicated to industrializing
our people and using the capital generated therefrom
to improve our world status.

Needed: People interested in contributing to run the
following 20-word ad in "Black Enterprise":
"WANTED: Blacks for Black Industrial
Autonomy—producing goods, reinvesting the profits into
Black Industrial Expansion. FREEDOM INDUSTRIALISTS:

The cost to run the ad is $230. I'll pay $50.
Your cost to have a banner on the Web page that the ad
will lead to: $9.

I need a total of 20 participants. Payments will not
be collected until I have all 20.

For further info, see

Toward a new era,
Keith Anderson