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      Adiama Afrikan Liberation Apparel: Clothing Designs for Revolutionary Minds

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      Clothing Designs for Revolutionary Minds In Pursuit of Freedom, Justice, Truth & Sovereignty

      We are pleased to announce the official launch of our new online clothing and apparel store. We offer a wide variety of products including t-shirts, hoodies, onesies, polos and fresh new designs for the entire family. With over 200 products and counting we are sure you'll find something that speaks directly to you. Choose Afrikan Liberation Apparel and reaffirm your love and commitment to our people and our struggle. Our prices are affordable and our quality and service are second to none.For pan-Afrikan apparel, political attire and great quality shop with us at:


      Abibifahodie Collection
      Abibifahodie is Afrikan Liberation in one of the many languages of our ancestors (Akan: Ghana, West Afrika). It is our ultimate goal. It represents a commitment to continued struggle and a belief in the certainty of victory. Make everything in your life and instrument of your liberation!

      Our Price: $19.40
      Men's Heavyweight T-Shirt
      Classic-Cut T-shirt for Men,
      100% Cotton

      Politricks Collection

      For those who know freedom ain't free and refuse to fall for the hype. Never choose between the lesser of two evils. Always stand on the side of truth.

      Our Price: $19.40
      Men's Heavyweight T-Shirt
      Classic-Cut T-shirt for Men,
      100% Cotton

      Osun Collection
      Osun: Express Your Divinity

      Our Price: $19.40
      Women's Heavyweight T-Shirt
      Classic-Cut T-shirt for Women,
      100% Cotton
      "Our desire to be free has got to manifest itself in everything we are and do."

      Assata Shakur

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      [ame=""]Adiama Afrikan Liberation Apparel: Clothing Designs for Revolutionary Minds R.B.G. RBG Tube | PanAfrican.TV v2.0 - Free Revolutionary Audio Video Speech Library of Leaders, Activist, and Educators@@AMEPARAM@@ sADHQ1[/ame]

      Support Your People... Buy Afrikan!
      Nov 2, 2015 "Assata Shakur Liberation Day" marks 36 yrs of freedom for our Comrade Assata Shakur, Our Warrior was liberated from a NJ prison by Comrades In The Black Liberation Army click here to read more or here

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      Assata Shakur Speaks is an Forum Devoted To Assata Shakur And All Political Prisoners Around The World.
      Assata Shakur Speaks Is An Oasis Of Pan African Information Geared Towards The Liberation Of Afrikan People.

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