We've created a community program to provide black owned businesses with the latest proven marketing tools to help them build loyalty and increase sales. (see below)

1.) Customer database building
2.) Automatic 'Thank you' emails going out to customers after each purchase made with the business
3.) Email marketing and text messaging services
4.) Gift card and reward programs
5.) Fundraising initiatives
6.) Revenue sharing

For community members; they'll have a card that's going to reward them with cash back for shopping with black owned businesses. One card to work at all participating businesses allowing them to accumulate their rewards much faster.

For churches, schools and non-profit organizations; they'll have a card that they can give to all their members and supporters. Each time a purchase is made with participating black owned businesses, a percentage of that purchase is automatically donated back to the designated organization.

For entrepreneurs; they'll be able to enroll businesses and non-profit groups into the program and earn a share of the revenue generated on every program purchase made for life, or as long as that business or organization is participating in our program.

So ultimately, what we're doing is creating a system that provides an incentive for the majority of people to participate and recycles dollars in the black community, strenghthening our businesses, our organizations, and our people one purchase at a time.

You can get started today by enrolling your business, your organization and/or yourself. You can also refer every business, organization and person that you know. (We do pay referral fees on the participation of businesses and non-profit organizations in our program.)

Feel free to contact me if you would like more information. Thank you.

"To Whom We Give Our Money Is To Whom We Give Our Power!!!"