Beni Hasan Mural, depicting ancient Egyptian/African martial art form

CaliBakers is a lifestyle brand that was founded in 2012 with the purpose of promoting creativity, social awareness, education and individuality. Since then we have built upon the core belief that all knowledge belongs to all people and that you and everyone you know deserves a life of passion, purpose, and happiness.
Our mission is to curate, preserve and restore the history, lifestyle, and philosophies that are the foundation of our shared African heritage. One way we are working toward this goal is by supplying our Partners with the tools they need to promote a movement that will help educate and re-build our communities as well as help provide everyone with the most basic of human needs: food, water and shelter.

As long as there is bread, no person should go hungry. As long as there is water, no person should thirst. As long as there is shelter, no person should be homeless. This is why a large portion of the money we earn is donated to charities we support, including reputable organizations like CharityWater, GiveDirectly, and Habitats for Humanity. We also understand the value of working on a smaller scale, and supporting underserved local causes and campaigns that reach out to us. If you or your organization can use our help, never hesitate to contact us at support@calibakers.com.

When developing our #BreakingBread model, we knew we were doing something unheard of. We knew that without our supporters we simply could not succeed. Because of this, our supporters are well rewarded for their efforts in promoting the enriching lifestyle that CaliBakers embodies. A company giving away such a large chunk of its profits is shocking! However, our reasoning is simple: we want to help our people around the world and know that this is possible through #BreakingBread.
The #BREAKINGBREAD program was created as more than a “thank you for supporting us.” #BREAKINGBREAD is a tool with which we can help to provide our supporter—or, as we call them, Partners—with one of the most important necessities of a fulfilling life: financial freedom.
This is something we feel all companies can and should do. It’s not hard to share. We all learned this in kindergarten. Be fair; we help you, you help us. We don’t believe in a minimum wage, and we believe in more than a livable wage. We believe in a fulfilling wage. A wage that can support an individual and his/her dreams.

Thank you for your continued support.