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      Trade Tech College Racial Profiling and Harassment

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      To Whom It May Concern,

      Please review the attached video which documents the round-up and
      detention of ALL the black male students at Trade Tech Los Angeles
      Community College, Wednesday morning, 10/17/07. The students were
      detained and had their information recorded. Students of other races
      were allowed to walk around freely. The camera person is a Latino
      male student who was not detained until a sheriff officer snatched his
      phone while he was videotaping- - this can be seen CLEARLY on the

      For immediate follow-up about the video, please contact me by phone:
      (323) 854-9006
      vicente512@gmail. com

      Thank you.

      Vicente Rosales

      p.s. I am the student who shot the video. And I was the only non-black
      student detained in the round-up because I was videotaping what went

      You can view the video here:

      Apparently the Sheriffs were conducting a "drug investigation" and the
      suspects were black, so this is how they handled their "investigation. " The
      video was sent to CBS news last night and the woman who reviewed the video
      said: "well if they were searching for suspects who were black, then it
      would make sense that they would target Black males. Did they beat or mace
      anybody?" Unbelievable. Of course, it didn't occur to her that they would
      NEVER round-up and detain all the white males on a college campus to
      investigate a crime.


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      and even worst is that most of the cops were Black

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